Castelldaura holds formation and training activities in a number of spheres – human and Christian formation, anthropological and theological training, and activities of a cultural and professional nature.

The Prelature of Opus Dei coordinates the Christian formation activities. Most are organized for men and women separately in order to facilitate individual attention and focus.

The activities currently offered include:



A retreat is a traditional Christian practice consisting of spending a few days away from one’s ordinary activity deep in personal recollection in order to seek God and guidance for one’s own existence, through meditating on the life of Christ – from the Gospel – and the essential aspects of the Christian faith and life, in an environment of prayer and internal and external recollection.

Courses on Anthropology and Theology

During the courses of anthropological and theological training, philosophy and theology seminars are held, together with sessions on current issues, get-togethers, group work, advisory and personal study.

Christian training courses for parents

Specific activities for mothers and fathers, where philosophical and theological topics are dealt with, and seminars on current issues related to marriage and parenting are also held.

Monographic courses for professional people

These activities are aimed at specific groups of people, for instance: heads of leisure and free-time entities, professionals from the hospitality sector, women executives, educators…

Seminars on Pastoral Questions

The Seminars on Pastoral Questions have been run annually in Castelldaura since 1965. The aim is to study in a climate of dialogue some of the most current issues in the theological and anthropological field. They are basically geared towards those who have a mission to teach and pass on the faith to the Christian people, essentially priests. Speakers have included experts from the different fields: cardinals, bishops, university lecturers and pastoral agents. An estimate of four thousand people and hundreds of personalities from the civil and ecclesiastical world have participated in this event over the years. Issues such as the eradication of poverty, secularism and secularity, the role of the family or the challenges of bioethics in pastoral care have been reviewed.

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Family Day

Family Day is similar to an Open House. A day for everyone near Premià and surroundings. A day to celebrate the Eucharist. There’ll be guided tours and games for children, as well as information on activities and the showing of videos.